A corner of the Internet that watches Chabad-Lubavitch and Ultra-Orthodox malfeasance



Abut me page (in the works):

I’m a “former BT” who discovered Chabad is often not what it claims to be and that Orthodox Judaism was not the ‘world of the righteous’ I thought it was.  Those who looked extraordinary on the outside were often as ordinary (or worse) on the inside.

Despite my disillusionment with the strictly religious, I keep all of my children in Orthodox day schools.  The non-Chabad schools we’ve selected have served us well.  And Mrs. Depravitch and I are happy to raise our children with a connection to God, wholesome values, knowledge and pride in their heritage, and Jewish literacy.

This site was created in response to the Orthodox censorship closure of the failedmessiah blog.  It is not intended to be a replacement for that blog, merely a place to give myself and others a voice.


This is not a hate site, so don’t bring it here.

Be angry.  Expose injustice.  But don’t post comments claiming the ‘Nazis were right’ and things like that.  If you feel a need to, go find a white supremacist site to go to.  I don’t want it here.



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