A security guard at a Los Angeles Chabad school shot a person on a public sidewalk who was taking video of the school.  The guard shot from behind the school gate hitting his victim in the leg and declared it a “warning shot.”.

From Patch.com

The Chabad Ohel Chana High School was placed on lockdown. The shot person filmed the shooting. Warning: video includes *strong* language.


LOS ANGELES, CA — A person who was allegedly filming an all girls Jewish school in the Fairfax area was shot by a security guard during the noon incident, officials at the Etz Jacob Congregation/ Ohel Chana High School say.

The unidentified person, who was dressed all in black and was carrying a black backpack, was seen canvassing school property. When a guard approached, the two had words and the guard shot the person in the leg. Whether this was accidental or on purpose is not clear.

The person who was filming the school also filmed the shooting and the aftermath. The full 38-minute video can be seen above; the shooting occurs around the 4:05 mark. (Warning: video includes strong language, including profanities.)

The wounded person was transported to a hospital, but was not critically injured, according to the school. The security guard was detained by officers, according to the LAPD. The wounded person was released from the hospital later the same afternoon.

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Your blogger expects to see Chabad try to wiggle out of accepting liability for damages caused by their trigger-happy guard.  We’ll follow this case to see the results.