Here’s the latest about some of the substandard care found in nursing homes controlled by ultra-Orthodox multi-millionaire Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.


One of Brius Healthcare’s largest nursing homes is “woefully understaffed,” forcing residents to go weeks without a shower and sit in their own excrement for hours waiting for assistance, according to a recently released report by state investigators.

The 10-page report offers a stunning picture of life inside a Brius nursing home.

“I’ve waited several hours after pressing the call light for staff to come. One time I needed to go to the bathroom, I pressed the call light and no one came, and I ended up soiling myself,” one resident of Novato Healthcare Center told state inspectors. “I felt I didn’t have any dignity left.”

Another resident told inspectors that call lights sometimes don’t get answered at all.

“One night at midnight I needed pain medications and pressed the call light repeatedly and no one came,” the resident said. ‘I got up, left the room and sat on the couch outside the facility for two hours and no one ever came to check on me.”

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