WCNY Radio Capitol Pressroom features an audio recording of Susan Arbetter in a discussion with Louis Grumet and John Caher, co-authors of  “The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel.”Curious-Case-KJ

For those not very familiar with Kiryas Joel, it offers a good summary explanation of the conflicts that have arisen from the Satmar village.  It explores the Satmar history of the town, the political effects of the Satmar bloc vote, and the conditions that lead to conflicts extending into the East Ramapo School District and nearby village of Bloomingburg.



Listen here.

The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel by Lou Grummet and John Caher is a compelling and even-handed look at a precedent-setting case that “marked the first time in American history that a governmental unit was established for a religious group.” Original air-date 4/21/16

See also this two part video: Richard French interviews Louis Grumet author of The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel



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