A delegation of rabbis met with Pope Francis for a 45 minute Pope-Francis-Israelprivate meeting on Monday.  Among them was Chabad rabbi DovBer Pinson, of Chabad of Carroll Gardens and the Iyuun Center.

Topics the group discussed with the Pope included preventing the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, building better unity among religious groups, and dealing with the issue of child sexual abuse.


In reaction to the meeting, attempting to create better unity between religious groups, some Jewish news sites and their commenters are condemning it, most notably, Chabad.

Still stuck in a 1994 mentality, a time when their Rebbe spoke against meeting a different Pope, Chabad adherents are characterizing this meeting as: reprehensible, disgusting, serving avodah zorah (idol worship), a desecration of God’s name, and going against the Rebbe.

One comment described the video as “tainting the eyes of holy Yidden.”  Another said “it’s important that it be noted at the very least that chabad chasidim online became completely unhinged.”  Noted.

The Chabad organization Apparently reacted officially (and swiftly) by removing the shliach (rabbi missionary) from their directory:



This is the Pope they are raging against:

Yeshiva World News provides better coverage and details than the Chabad web sites:

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