Chabad Girls Academy (CGA), an alternative to Chabad’s larger girl’s CGA-open-houseschool, Beis Rivkah, has announced its open house for Monday, May 8, 8:00-9:30PM on its Facebook page.  Their timing couldn’t be better, at a time when dissatisfaction in (and distrust of) Beis Rivka is at an all time high.

Chabad schools, like Chabad House franchises, are businesses.  They are there to make money, and religious ideals are often side-stepped for that objective, as in the case with Beis Rivkah not paying its teachers.

I would never recommend a Chabad school to parents.  But it’s clear that Chabad children are suffering in Crown Heights for the malfeasance of their school’s power holders during the Beis Rivkah teacher’s strike.  And, as in the secular world, business competition is good for the consumer.

Of course, it will be good for Chabad Girls Academy too.  They will likely see some parents abandoning the sinking Beis Rivka ship which announced earlier this week that there is no money in their school system.  A search for the CGA campus shows that it operates out of a residential structure on Eastern Pkwy in Brooklyn.  Their open house announcement indicates that it serves only 5th through 8th grades, a grade range partially affected at Beis Rivkah.  Searching the Internet for information on CGA suggests that it is much smaller than a formal school with minimal infrastructure and very low student body population.  Religious schools often start out that way.  However, the one thing they offer that Beis Rivka cannot is regular classes in a safe environment.

CGA could offer some parents a chance to detach themselves from the convoluted money mess crippling Beis Rivkah.  Perhaps an increase of student body could allow CGA to expand to 1st through 4th grades, allowing relief for more parents, and possibly some of the current teachers at Beis Rivkah as well.