If the Beis Rivkah teachers strike and revelations of the school’s incompetence seem like news (they did to me), they’re not.Beis-Rivka

The school has a long history of administrative dysfunction.  While searching for news on the current teacher’s strike, I found this story from crownheights.info dated exactly one year ago, May 1, 2016:

“Financial Crisis” Forces Beis Rivkah Closure

Going back further, to September 2, 2015:

New Beis Rivkah Board Pledges to Pay Teachers

Despite a fundraising campaign that brought in $1,063,388.00, and closed on Fri, September 11, 2015, the school still failed teachers in 2016.

On September 13, 2016 it was reported that teachers had missed over 6 months of salary:

Resolving Strike, Beth Rivka to Begin School

Sources said that elementary school teachers were owed as many as 10 paychecks, while high school teachers were owed 11.

However, searching deeper, one sees similar problems going back even to 2014:

September 3, 2014:

UPDATE: Beis Rivka Announces Opening of New School Year

Earlier that month parents received automated calls from the school informing them that classed would not begin on schedule to to financial conflicts:

 September 1, 2014: Beis Rivkah to Remain Closed Indefinitely

A ‘robo-call just’ just went out to all parents of girls enrolled in Beis Rivkah for the coming school year, informing them that classes will not begin on the scheduled date for all grades – Pre-1A through 12th Grade. The message said that the school will remain closed until further notice.

Only the Head-start program remains unaffected.

The message said that the reason for this development is the school’s unresolved financial difficulties.