Below is a letter released on Sunday by Beis Rivkah teachers to parents.Beis-Rivka  Community discussions have indicated that some teachers have missed so much pay that they have had utility interruptions.  In the letter, teachers express their feelings of being held “hostage” to the school.

Didn’t we just celebrate Pesach?  Why are these people still acting like slaves?  They’re not hostages.  They are free agents as long as the school fails to pay them.  Teachers, why don’t you simply get into the tutoring business?  Parents, why don’t you take the money you waste on tuition and try a month of tutoring by the teachers who know and care about your kids?  It’s not such a crazy idea.  The kids would learn, and the teachers could keep their lights on and their rent paid.

Beis Rivkah’s power holders will get the message.  It’s in a language they understand.

Thank God, today my children are in yeshiva.  They’re very excited ‎‎and making projects for Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day.  Perhaps Beis Rivka’s teachers and parents should declare some of their own independence.

Dear Parents,


Our past week has been quite challenging. We are running from school to home, and some to strange houses/shuls- to conduct an atmosphere of learning so our kinderlach, do not miss out on learning.

Yes, one day of missed teaching is WRONG! How can someone take achrayus for a student to have 1 day without structure- let alone all this time. Each day and every hour missed may have negative effects on our precious kinderlach.

We all feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time for our children to go back to regular learning in a proper educational setting.

It is time for THOSE RESPONSIBLE to stand up to their call of duty. They need to ensure a proper learning schedule in a proper system- in school.

We, the teachers, are workers.

Workers – who want to come and teach.

Workers – who sincerely want the best for our precious kinderlach!!

Workers- being held HOSTAGE by the many months, yes months, of working with no pay.

How can a teacher, a relied-on breadwinner of the family, teach with the worries, stress, and hardships which come along with no money?

How do you expect a teacher to fulfill her job fully? You have locked us up. We have no choice. YOU, the ADMINISTRATION-BOARD are taking way too long to work out your differences.

Stalling with time is PARALYZING our school.

YOU are responsible for the learning of our children.

How does one have the CHUTZPAH, OUTRIGHT CHUTZPAH! To keep these children out of school? This is not a teacher’s strike, it is an administrations-board’s responsibility of having a functioning school!

How will YOU answer the Rebbe when asked about these precious children?! Parents, we are aware of your frustration. We are parents too!

Please remember, if you don’t want another strike, we need to focus all of our pressure on those responsible.

Call the ADMINISTRATION-BOARD and find out why it is taking so long to smoothen out their differences. That is the ONLY way we will have our children back in school!

With tears,

Tears of pain for the Rebbes Kinder

Tears of hope for the Rebbe’s school.