If the administration or board of Beis Rivkah had any conscience,Beis-Rivka they would be thoroughly humiliated by the fact that children have accomplished the job they could not.  Under the current school administration and board the teachers strike has expanded from 1st through 3rd grades, to also includes 4th through 7th grades.

Responding to the lower division’s needs, the higher grade girls of Beis Rivkah took their younger sisters to school.  On Friday, they accomplished what the administration of Beis Rvkah could not as they bicker over money; providing the lower grade girls with much needed study time and socialization in a safe environment.  There was also the added benefit that the parents of those girls were alleviated of some of the hardships caused by the strike.  Some parents used the opportunity to prepare for Shabbat.

An update on crownheights.info provided pictures of young girls in class with their older sisters: Girls Join Older Sisters in School Amid Strike

Being that the younger grades of Bais Rivkah are currently undergoing a teachers’ strike, the students of Bais Rivkah’s older grades brought their little sisters with them to school today, giving their mothers a much-needed break to prepare for Shabbos.

(Image below burred for student privacy.)


As always, the comment section is very insightful and offers an apparently truer picture of the situation that other so-called Chabad news sites might sensor.

  • 5. Wow wrote:

    The teachers are truely amazing , still not getting paid and they continue to educate our children
    Administration, the board, have Rachmunus on these wonderful and caring teachers who are going above and beyond.
    Administration give up the gig, get a job and work like regular people. Get your hands out of the pot, hand over the books, money and let new people take over .
    You are continuously failing, how long must the teachers wait? Are you waiting for your money? How may teachers are getting eviction notices, cut of service from phone, gas , electric ? Bais Rivkah is a community school not a private entity.
    One day you all will have to answer to the one above.
    How can you go into Shabbos peacefully sitting at your beautifully set tables, when there are those who are suffering.
    Give it up .

    April 28, 2017 6:34 pm


  • 6. lol wrote:

    this was without permission… thankfully mrs teichtel didnt send the girls home

    April 29, 2017 9:08 pm


    • 7.Appalled wrote:

      Duh. Its also without permission that salaries are being withheld. That school was cancelled for younger grades. All of this is totally illegal.
      Students need to go on strike. Shut down the school and and form a new entity with a totally new administration.

      April 30, 2017 1:45 am

Frumfraud.com also has something to say on the situation surrounding the strike:

beis rivka in crown heights still striking fundraiser pinson hasn’t covered his own salary

from a parent :
we have information that claims that the pledges promised by donors that some of whom were named in an earlier post have not been delivered and the money spent in hiring a fundraiser moshe pinson has not delivered and has been a drain on the schools budget

we need the school to pay teachers before any other staff member and fundraisers

coming soon
a conversation where a parent tells us they pay people directly in the office privately so they earn their salary without it going into system ( how is this allowed )

Other references to poorly handled or questionable fundraising have appeared recently in comment threads on crownheights.info.  Many people within the community are questioning the fundraising and salary of Moshe Pinson.  Here are two more comments questioning money paid to Moshe Pinson and the school administration.

  • 21. Learning the truth wrote:

    Why is mp making over 120000 a year for fundraising and hasn’t brought $1.

    April 20, 2017 2:22 am


  • 22. Watching and laughing wrote:

    Why is the board taking intrest of 12.3% when you are not allowed to take from a mosed?

    April 20, 2017 2:25 am


Does this poorly run school also take federal or state funding? And is there any oversight at all over Beis Rivkah?

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this school the during rest of this semester.  For now it’s safe to say that the older division grade girls of Chabad’s Beis Rivkah appear more qualified to run the school than the current administration.