A haredi father of eight caused a flight delay on an El-Al EL-ALflight due to the presence of a movie screen in the plane.  He was persistent in his demands to have it covered over for his benefit, and was even admonished by other haredim on the flight for his disruption.  Ultimately the man was appeased by offering eye masks for him and all of his children.
Dus Iz Nies has further details:

A chareidi father of eight detained a flight from Tel Aviv to Kiev as it was preparing for takeoff.

The flight was a low-cost El Al affiliate, UP, which was scheduled to fly to Kiev. The flight was delayed for over an hour as he insisted the cabin crew close the movie screens which was visible.
The passengers add there were many chareidim on board, and they told him “sit down because you are making a major Chilul Hashem” but he would not adhere to their words.
At the end, he agreed to wear his eye mask, and he was given sufficient number for all of his children as well.
El Al officials confirm it was UP flight LY2654 to Kiev …
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