The Sydney Morning Herald features a report on last Thursday’s final hearing of Australia’s Royal Pinchas-FeldmanCommission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse which focused on Orthodox Jewish communities in Sydney and Melbourne.  It was revealed that Chabad Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, Bondi’s Yeshiva Centre, told the Royal Commission that he was ‘not familiar’ with the policies.  Was he too busy to learn since the child sexual abuse and cover-up scandal erupted in 2015?

Bondi’s Yeshiva Centre has no detailed child protection policy.  Instead they filled the void with the policy of the organization’s youth arm, Chabad Youth.

Jewish leaders appeared before a Sydney hearing on Thursday to answer questions about how child protection has improved.

Evidence before the commission is the synagogue at Bondi’s Yeshiva Centre has no express child protection policy but has adopted the policy of youth arm, Chabad Youth.

Rabbi Feldman told the inquiry he did not know the detail of the policy.

“I am faulty so we need to rectify that,” he said.

“You completely dropped the ball here, haven’t you?,” asked counsel assisting the commission Naomi Sharp.

Rabbi Feldman responded: “I accept.”

Ms Sharp: “You have no idea what is Chabad child protection policy.”

Rabbi Feldman: “If you’ll test me on it I will not be able to respond to every detail.”

One of the chief principles of child safety is that an organisation’s leaders should be aware of their own child protection policies, according to findings of the commission.

Apparently Pinchas Feldman is no stranger to scandal.  FailedMessiah reported about an alleged Ponzi scheme in 2013:

The Feldman’s, the leading Chabad family in Sydney, Australia, is – again – embroiled in scandal – this one involving what is allegedly a beit din judgement of almost $2 million against Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and his son Yossi.

Readers may recall that Yosef (Yossi) Feldman is the rabbi who told Australia’s Royal Yosef-FeldmanCommission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he was not aware that it was against the law for an adult to touch the genitals of a child.  He also testified that he was unaware of the requirement of schools to report child sexual abuse.

Here is an excerpt from the Royal Commission testimony:

MARIA GERACE: In 2002 did you understand it was against the law for an adult to touch the genitals of another child?

YOSEF FELDMAN: I didn’t know that as a fact.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Royal commissioner Robert Fitzgerald then asked Yosef Feldman:

ROBERT FITZGERALD: You were in fact a director of a school?

YOSEF FELDMAN: I was a director without any day to day management at all.

ROBERT FITZGERALD: You were a director of a school?


ROBERT FITZGERALD: Is that correct?


ROBERT FITZGERALD: By 2002 all schools were well aware of sexual abuse within schools. Indeed, in NSW there were mandatory reporting requirements, is that correct, and you as a director would be aware of that? Is that so?

YOSEF FELDMAN: At the time, I must be honest with you, that I may have not been aware.

Like Feldman father, like Feldman son.  This is a perfect example of Chabad leadership apathy.  Would you want to place your children in their care?

I’ve had personal exchanges with Chabad rabbi Yosef Feldman.  Chabad Rabbi Involved with Australian Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Tells Online Poster: “you [will] end up in jail and get raped and repeatedly until you bleed profusely”

And I have written about him here:
Reply to LostMessiah: Can we judge Chabad-Lubavitch by the incessant rantings of Josef Feldman and are we asking Feldman the right questions?

FailedMessiah’s Shmarya Rosenberg covered the Feldman family extensively documenting much of their reprehensible behavior.

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Many in Chabad claim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe had “ruach hakodesh” (Divine inspiration) and knew of things to come in the future – you may have heard the mythology from your Chabad rabbi.  So did the Rebbe see this child sexual abuse and cover-up scandal coming?  If so, he must have approved of it since he did NOTHING to stop it.  In fact, as we see in the news frequently, he sent the child molesters and Chabad criminals to Jews all over the world.


They sing “we want Moshiach now” as they sexually abuse our children and take our money.