Apparently hasidim have a reputation for being bad drivers in the area this video was taken.  But I suspect it’s not a matter of their driving skills entirely, Hasidic-driverbut rather the attitude of the individual behind the wheel.  As we know from many observed sexual abuse cases, they’re often not especially compassionate to their victims.  So it’s not a surprise to see an example of this same indifference out on the road.

In this video a hasidic man hits a bicyclist and injures him.  He gives the victim a lip service apology and drives away.  Not a real light unto the nations, but a real embarrassment to Jews who don’t share the same mentality.

You may have missed  the driver immediately asking the bicyclist if he was okay or needed help.  In fact, you did.  Because it didn’t happen.  The victim just got a healthy portion of hasidic apathy toward ‘the other.’

The bicyclist’s problem is that he doesn’t speak the hasidic man’s language.  The same language everybody speaks: money.  Had the victim filed a police report or indicated a lawsuit on the horizon, odds are good the hasidic man would have been able to turn on the compassion for his victim long enough to appease him and get away.