The Age features the latest on the Diamond Joe Gutnick bankruptcy saga.

Joseph Gutnick

Apparently Diamond Joe is content to throw his own sick brother, Abraham Gutnick, into homelessness along with Abraham’s wife, five children, and mother in-law.

Heh, I guess he’s not his brother’s keeper.

Anyway, you may want to keep this in mind when you attend your local Chabad and they tell you you’re “ju$t like family” to them.


Joseph (“Diamond Joe”) Gutnick, who in July declared himself bankrupt owing creditors $275 million, and his wife Stera sold the property at 7 Balaclava Road to real estate agent David Besser and Renato Spinosa on July 27 last year for $1.85 million, according to land title records.

On the same day Mr Besser and Mr Spinosa established the company, Balaclava Heights. The eviction notices were served by Balaclava Heights.

The property sale came just after Joseph Gutnick lost a legal battle in Singapore on May 7, 2015, brought by the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative (IFFCO) that would end up costing him $54 million and sending him bankrupt.

Abraham Gutnick had no idea the house he lived in had been sold until several months after the transaction when he “heard rumours within the family that Joseph Gutnick was trying to hide assets”, Dr Hanscombe told the court.

Dr Hanscombe told the court the lease agreement over the property was between two companies – the then owner of the property Edinox Pty Ltd and the tenant Mazal Properties – controlled by Joseph Gutnick, his wife Stera and son, and that the wheeling and dealing over the property was a “charade”.

Company records show Joseph Gutnick transferred his shares in Mazal to his wife Stera five days before selling the property.

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