Yerachmiel Lopin at Frum Follies posted a blog entry about a Facebook page called Frum Watch that has stepped in to fill the void left by the buyout of FailedMessiah.FrumWatch

He writes:

The February buyout of Failed Messiah by Diversified Holdings left a gap. For almost 12 years, its previous proprietor, Shmarya (Scott) Rosenberg, kept tabs on all the misdeeds of the orthodox world mostly by locating and aggregating news from other sources, and sometimes with original investigation and reporting. His sources included public professional media, blogs, kol korehs (rabbinical proclamations), pashkavilim (flyers, often anonymous), and other leaked documents.

The orthodox world, especially its Haredi segment, does not distribute information that can embarrass it, except in the rarest and most unavoidable circumstances. So those wanting to understand its happenings benefited from Shmarya’s work. It now seems clear that the new owners of Failed Messiah bought it to shut down its criticism. In spite of early promises to continue to cover sex abuse problems, they have done zilch.

They lied.

However, at least the old posts are still up. Should they delete them, they are mostly copied over on the Internet Archive. Just plug in the no-longer working link from FM or any other source, and it will show up if it is on the Archive.

I suggest to all readers who want to help archive the old FailedMessiah site to simply read it on Internet Archive.  Just clicking through links on the IA site will archive the site.

From Internet Archive:

When you are surfing an incomplete archived site the Wayback Machine will grab the closest available date to the one you are in for the links that are missing. In the event that we do not have the link archived at all, the Wayback Machine will look for the link on the live web and grab it if available.

See Shmarya (Scott) Rosenberg’s last entry here.  Anything worth reading is from that point, back.  If you see an old FailedMessiah blog post you feel is worth preserving, use the “Save Page Now” feature at the Internet Archive homepage to preserve it.

Yerachmiel Lopin has a lot of good things to say about the Frum Watch page and I agree with all of it.  It has been running since March, but Lopin’s post was news to me that I was very glad to read.  As I wrote on his blog:

Buying out Failed Messiah:   undisclosed $ amount
Diversified Holdings abandoning the blog:   $0.00
Watching Diversified’s plan backfire:   Priceless

I don’t know if a news aggregator on Facebook can obtain a Google News feed.  But if they do, or another blog with original content can achieve that, it will make the money spent by Diversified Holdings a complete waste.  Their purchase of FailedMessiah was a failed attempt at censorship and cover-up.  And I am very plead to see that.  I will add a link to the Frum Watch page on this blog and encourage others to share it.