Every now and then, I get a good laugh while searching Chabad on Google.

Chabad ‘Yechi’ Kipah


I was looking for some information on Chabad messianists who believe their Rebbe will return from his currently deceased state to be our messiah (you don’t need Google for that giggle).

My first attempt was a misspelling, and Google offered a very insightful alternative.


My second attempt was with the correct spelling.  And this time the artificial intelligence of Google’s search suggestion feature offered up the following warnings:


Thanks for the Chabad hazard notice, Google, I’m aware of the danger that lies ahead.

I would like to point out the third suggestion in the list above: “anti meshichist”

Contrary to the way this appears, it is not a Chabad follower who does not believe their Rebbe is the messiah.  It is a Chabad messianist who doesn’t believe in openly admitting, or publicizing that they do believe their Rebbe is the messiah (and due to return from the dead soon).  This is generally due to bad public relations and the effect it may (likely will) have on donations.

The anti meshichist is what you should watch for in your local shliach (Chabad emissary/missionary).  Their position is essentially to sell a lie of omission while among the average Chabad outreach customers (outsiders), but relax while among their own Lubavitch-born (insiders).  When asked about Chabad messianism and Rebbe fanaticism, these Chabad rabbis will often minimize the issue and numbers of meshichists.

Pay attention to what the don’t say.  Chabad won’t tell people a lot of what people need to know about Chabad.