The Washington Post has a story about a former mafia figure, Felix Sater, Port Washington, NY Chabad 2104who claims to have had a business relationship with Donald Trump.  Buried toward the end of the story was a very briefly mentioned  fact about Felix Sater’s relationship with the Chabad Lubavitch organization, a fundamentalist, messianic sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

One may be aware that Chabad is plagued with scandal.  Despite their efforts to appear religious and righteous, those willing to do their research on Chabad will find story after story about child sexual abuse cover-ups, financial crimes, building their infrastructure with donations of illegally obtained money, etc.  So it’s no surprise that Chabad of Port Washington, NY named the mafia figure in the WaPo story “Man of the Year” in 2014.

He is an active member of Chabad, an Orthodox Jewish sect, and, in 2014, was named Man of the Year by Chabad of Port Washington, N.Y.

Here are a few things WaPo also mentions about Chabad’s “Man of the Year”:

[all bold text -Ed.]

The Russian-born businessman had already done a stint in prison for stabbing a man in the face with the stem of a margarita glass, and he was now awaiting sentencing for his role in a Mafia-orchestrated stock fraud scheme — all the while serving as a government informant on the mob and mysterious matters of national security.

Sater has both been accused by former business associates of threatening to kill them and praised by top government officials for information that has led to numerous mob convictions s  and national security gains.

Sater has said he hooked up with a boyhood friend who was operating a Mafia-linked brokerage firm. He pleaded guilty in 1998 to one count of racketeering as part of a $40 million stock fraud in which Wall Street brokers artificially inflated the price of stocks.

The scheme relied on members of the La Cosa Nostra crime families for extortion and to resolve disputes, federal authorities alleged, part of a concerted effort by organized crime to make inroads on Wall Street.

He was spared prison time in recognition of what an FBI agent later called “extraordinary” cooperation as a witness in unnamed national security cases.

One former Bayrock employee alleged in a lawsuit that Sater once told him during a dispute to “shut up or risk being killed.” Another lawsuit filed in Arizona in 2007 alleged that Sater had threatened a local project partner named Ernest Mennes.

According to the lawsuit, Sater called Mennes in 2006 and threatened that his cousin “would electrically shock Mr. Mennes’ testicles, cut off Mr. Mennes’ legs, and leave Mr. Mennes dead in the trunk of his car” if Mennes revealed his criminal past.

Chabad of Port Washington, NY “Man of the Year 2014?”  Really?  Yes.

And according to this Wiki page, Chabad’s “Man of the Year” 2010 as well.

So how is it possible that a man with such a criminal past receives this honor from Chabad?  Easy really.  The same way one achieves any honor of recognition from Chabad, buy it.  Chabad doesn’t honor their ignorant returnee to Judaism customers for integrity, dedication to their new lives of Judaism, serving God (that’s a joke), performing mitzvot, or anything else that doesn’t improve Chabad’s bottom line.  At many Chabad institutions they will tell you that giving money to Chabad is “serving God.”  If you don’t have money to give, they will use you in other ways that are convenient for them, all while telling you it “serves God.” They often request for attendees to help in their kitchens, make their minyans (prayer groups) to keep their operations active, provide them with free products and services from their business or trades, provide free transportation for the rabbi and his family.  The list goes on and on.  Chabad’s ignorant (often newbie) outreach targets become useful idiots to one degree or another.  But Chabad’s favorite useful idiots are the wealthy ones.  And how their big donors get that money doesn’t matter.  Chabad is always happy to take a piece of it because that’s how they accumulate wealth to build their chasidic Chabad-Lubavitch dynasties.  Add to that an organization network extensively educated on how to exploit every possible government program to line their pockets with taxpayer money, and you get a better picture of the Chabad business model.  Chabad is expert at leeching off of others to provide and accumulate for themselves.

Here is a video from Felix Sater’s own YouTube channel showing Chabad Rabbi Shalom Moshe Paltiel honoring the not-so-honorable Felix Sater with the “Man of ther Year 2014” award:

(Or one might call it lecking the tuchus and stroking the ego of a meal ticket. – I would.)

Pay special attention to the way Chabad sold Sater some garbage superstition that one of the dollar bills that the Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, distributed will provide one with ‘safety, protection, and blessings.’  This is, of course, idolatry, not Judaism.  But the very widespread belief within Chabad that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, will rise from the dead in a ‘Second Coming’ to be our messiah (just replace Jesus with Rebbe) isn’t Judaism either.