Lohud has an exclusive video and report with audio clips about an FBI sting that involved the use of a Jewish radio show.   FBI-radio-sting

New York politicians, corruption scandal, Jewish radio show, haredim using aliases, voting blocs, shtreimels; all the good stuff.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office used an Orthodox Jewish radio program in an elaborate sting operation that helped the government convict Malcolm Smith and other New York politicians in a corruption scandal, a four-month investigation by The Journal News/lohud revealed.

It is unclear whether there are other targets, including New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who appeared on the show as a state senator prior to the 2010 election with Moses Stern, later revealed to be an FBI cooperator. Stern appeared twice on the show prior to election day using aliases, posing as both a political analyst and a resident from Brooklyn. He urged listeners to vote for Schneiderman.

Prosecutors disclosed little about the New York Jewish Communications Channel to defense lawyers for two people convicted in the sting operation. The show was hosted by longtime Orthodox radio personality Zev Brenner, who owns Talkline Communications Network, and registered with the state by Joseph Markowitz, whose name was linked to thousands in campaign donations to Schneiderman, and an illegal donation to Halloran. After the Smith corruption arrests, Schneiderman pledged to donate the contributions from Markowitz and Markowitz’s wife to charity.

Radio show FBI sting: Who’s who

Who’s who in the FBI sting operation that used a Jewish radio station:

MosesSternMoses Stern: An FBI cooperating witness since late 2010 who partnered with an undercover FBI agent, helping the government convict six people in the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal. Stern posed as a politically connected developer and the undercover agent posed as a wealthy developer as they persuaded public officials to take bribes and illegal campaign donations. He promoted the New York Jewish Communications Channel, hosted by Talkline Communications, and used it to show political candidates he had pull in the Orthodox Jewish community, where people tend to vote as a group, often called the “bloc vote.” An investigation by The Journal News has revealed Stern appeared on at least three occasions on the show, using two aliases. He later testified that he had been involved in Schneiderman’s campaign in 2010. It’s unclear whether Stern was cooperating with the FBI while working on Schneiderman’s campaign. Prior to his FBI cooperation, Stern, a father of nine from Monsey, defrauded Citigroup out of $126 million. He later pleaded guilty in federal court to 18 criminal counts. Facing up to 455 years in prison, he was hoping to reduce his sentence by assisting the government. He has yet to be sentenced.

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