From Haaretz: Haredim lacking education can’t find work nor support their families.  What a shocker!  Who would ever have seen that one coming?

“The financial pressure is having its effect and Haredim want to enter the labor market. But when 60% of them are under age 20 and 90% of them haven’t had a high school education, their ability to find work is very limited. Even if they want to work, they don’t succeed, or they find jobs whose salaries won’t support a family.”

The Israeli job market is geared toward people with a college degree or more, or at the very least people who have earned a high school matriculation (bagrut) certificate. Those without one have few jobs available, and the ones available pay poorly and offer little security.

The employment rate for ultra-Orthodox men is now only slightly higher than for men with no more than four years of formal education. In fact, a large percentage of Haredi men have no better education than that.