This blog was created as a response to the buyout of by ultra-Orthodox Jews who prefer the censorship and cover-up method of globedealing with problems in the Orthodox world; as opposed to the exposure and repair method exercised by Shmarya (Scott) Rosenberg and his former readers.  It’s unlikely that the ultra-Orthodox buyers of FailedMessiah anticipated reader outrage and the proliferation of sites similar to the former FailedMessiah.  One new site that has recently come to my attention is LOSTMESSIAH.

The writer seems to feel a need to archive Shmarya’s old posts and reader’s comments (and is doing so diligently).

Note to Readers: has decided to copy the comments as well because so many of the articles from FailedMessiah have disappeared or are difficult to find.

I do not know who the blogger is.  But as I wrote in recent comments:

It’s great (really great) to see another spin-off from Shmarya’s FM readers (may they be fruitful and multiply).
Whoever it is, I recommend visiting, commenting, and encouragement.

LOSTMESSIAH has been added to the blogroll in the right sidebar.