While watching coverage of the attempted abduction of a 14 year-old Jewish girl in Brooklyn, I noticed some curious changes in the coverage of the story by a couple of Orthodox Jewish news web sites.

When the story broke that there was an abduction attempt, Failedmessiah.com and vosizneias.com both put out alerts that a crime had taken place.

Here is a cached version of Failedmessiah’s original abduction bulletin:


VIN still has their initial story on their web site: http://www.vosizneias.com/230845/2016/02/17/brooklyn-ny-orthodox-girl-flees-from-attempted-luring-councilman-calls-on-da-to-show-no-mercy-once-suspect-is-caught/

In the days following the abduction, NYPD released an enhanced photo of the suspect.  Both sites published it.  And the photograph was clear enough to identify the Orthodox Jewish abduction suspect.  Here is the photograph:



Here is a screenshot of Failedmessiah’s coverage:


And here is the same story on vosizneias.com:



But It didn’t take long before both web sites removed their stories that included the photograph.  So, what happened?

Apparently the identity of the suspect rapidly became known in the Jewish community where the alleged crime took place.  The suspect is the son of a yeshiva principal and grandson of an influential rabbi.   And covering-up for the suspect, instead of supporting the victim, became the priority of the day for the local Jewish community.

As mentioned in my previous post, according to NY Daily News, the 14 year-old Brooklyn girl who was the victim of the attempted abduction chose not to cooperate with police after receiving pressure from her local Orthodox Jewish community.

Covering-up the identity of the suspect became a priority for Orthodox Jewish “news” sites reporting on the attempted abduction as well.  Both Failedmessiah.com and vosizneias.com removed their stories containing the enhanced photograph.

Unfortunately, in the Orthodox Jewish world (as in other communities) this is a common occurrence.  Prominent and influential people use money and/or threats to cover-up their actions and get away with crimes.  To the common law-abiding individual with a moral compass this is shameful and disgusting.  It is even more so when the group in question claims to be on a moral high ground, represent Torah values, claim religious piety, and to have allegiance to God.

On February 3, 2016 an unknown, semi-literate individual or group calling itself “Diversified Holdings” took over the Failedmessiah.com web site from its previous owner, Shmarya (Scott) Rosenberg.  Part of their stated mission was:

We are a group of people dedicated to protecting the reputation of the Orthodox Jewish community.

A community that keeps to our tradition, and sets our standards high to protect the sanctity of G-d’s name. This can be accomplished in two ways.

Firstly, we will present articles and conversations that speak to what Hashem truly wants from us.

Seriously?  Is this what they think God truly wants from us?!  Do they think God wants attempted abduction cover-ups?  Do they think God wants us to spare influential members of the Jewish community from embarrassment when they attempt or commit crimes?  Do they think that God wants sex offenders roaming freely in our communities?  Do they think God wants victims of their crimes to suffer without justice?  Do they think God wants them to LIE to their readers?

Secondly, we will continue to pursue and expose people that create a desecration of G-d’s name.

If so, they have a very SICK and DEMENTED concept of Torah values and what God wants.

Sadly, they had enough money to buy out the once informative Failedmessiah web site and push their cover-up agenda.  If they cared about God, Torah, and the truth then their web site banner would look more like this:FM-cover-up

Money talks, and at Failedmessiah.com, God’s truth walks.