The Herald Sun is reporting that accused child sex abuser and former Adass Israel school principal, Malka Leifer missed her seventh extradition hearing on Sunday.  Her lawyers asked the court to adjourn the case for up to two years due to an alleged psychiatric condition.  Additionally, her legal team will ask the Israeli attorney general to dismiss the extradition proceedings.

Reports also indicate that she routinely breaks conditions of her house arrest which she has been under since 2014.

A SCHOOL principal accused of molesting a string of Melbourne students will ask Israel’s attorney general to block attempts to have her extradited.

Malka Leifer is wanted by Victorian police but has spent more than 18 months fighting attempts to have her return to Melbourne.

She is accused of molesting a number of young female students while principal at ultra-Orthodox Jewish school Adass Israel School in Elsternwick.

She fled to Israel in 2008 after allegations she had been sexually abusing students were made public.

Ms Leifer has been under house arrest since 2014, is required to wear a GPS tracking device and is subject to 24 hour supervision.

She failed to appear at an Israeli court hearing on Sunday, the seventh she has skipped, with her lawyers asking the court to adjourn the case for up to two years because of an alleged psychiatric condition.

In response to Malka Leifer’s representatives calling for ‘justice,’ victims’ advocate Manny Waks said:

“Justice in this case means appearing in court and facing the charges against her. I certainly appreciate that coming to court to charge 74 counts of abuse would be stressful for anybody but there is no shortage of medications to help control her condition.

Others are calling this situation for what it is as well:

Victims advocates in Israel and Australia said the ongoing saga has made a “joke” of the Israeli justice system.

“As a society, this set a dangerous precedent. As a society, we must focus on protecting children, not the perpetrators of abuse. We will not sit back and watch this farce,” said Miriam Friedman, a member of the Israeli group Magen and a resident of the Orthodox town of Beit Shemesh.