It appears that the AMA (ask me anything) request on Reddit to Shmarya Rosenberg, founder of Failed Messiah, was answered.  Five questions were submitted:failedmessiah

  1. Why did you sell your blog?
  2. Who are the financial backers of the owners calling themselves Diversified Holdings?
  3. Who are the new editors?
  4. Do you plan on continuing your reporting and writing on Jewish subjects?
  5. What did you think of your most frequent commenters?

Replies to those questions were posted by Reddit user ‘ScottinMinnesota,’ and appear to be authentic.

[–]ScottinMinnesota 1 point 23 hours ago*

  1. Why did I sell my blog you ask? I have said publicly that my blog was not a profitable one and that readers’ donations were not enough to sustain me financially. I also felt that after having run FM for nearly 12 years, it was time to start a new project. The opportunity to sell FM was as they say a no brainer.
  2. As previously stated publicly I am not at liberty to reveal who the financial backer or backers of DH are. There may be more people behind DH that I don’t know about. Furthermore, I don’t understand why you would be stupid enough to ask questions that were already asked by reporters and not answered. Revealing this information would violate an ironclad agreement that was signed by myself and DH.
  3. I don’t know who the new editors are nor do I care. I haven’t visited FM since my last post.
  4. At this time I am taking a break from writing. I have been contacted by several media agencies who would like me to do a column for them but as of right now the answer is no. I’m not ruling it out as a future possibility though.
  5. My frequent commenters were and are a fiery bunch. Many of them sent in news tips which helped me significantly. I felt I gave them a place to voice their opinions on whatever topic without being ridiculed. 99 percent of them though commented anonymously because they continued to live in the community they so often railed against which to me is spineless. If you disagree with so much in your community then either leave or at least publicly disparage it to try and change it. Change will not happen if everyone is anonymous.

But they’re not.  I’ve asked Shmarya Rosenberg if he wrote those comments, and he confirmed that he did not.

The bulk of the page is Shmarya’s detractors (either haredi/Orthodox Jews with an axe to grind, their supporters, or the remnant of Shmarya’s stalkers) impersonating Shmarya and  former Failed Messiah commenters.  The moderators at Reddit are responsive and will remove impersonator comments upon request.