Jewish News reports that the three yeshivas in London may be slated forharedi-children closure for failure to meet educational standards.  Ofsted inspectors cited deficiencies in secular studies curriculum, quality of teaching, and in the students’ social skills.

I’d like to give the parents and community leaders of the yeshiva kids a proper EPIC FAIL here.  They let these kids down in so many ways, it’s mind-boggling.  Aside from all of the noted deficiencies in academic and social learning, they are actually placing their yeshivas at risk of closure.  This is certainly a situation where a little adaptation would buy a lot of self-preservation.

In the latest round of highly critical inspections, schools refused to let children talk to female inspectors, provided books with women’s images erased and refused to teach about different sexualities or cultures, with pupils left thinking “the role of women is to clean the house, look after children and cook”.

Reports published last week follow unannounced inspections this academic year, with visits to Talmud Torah Yetev Lev and Beis Aharon, two boys’ primary schools in Stamford Hill, and Talmud Torah D’Chasidei Gur, which caters for up to 800 Satmar Chasidic children.

Officers said Talmud Torah Yetev Lev – deemed ‘inadequate’ in 2014 – was still “not meeting standards” after safeguarding concerns were raised last year, and after its response was judged “unsatisfactory” by the government. Following a September visit, inspectors said the school was now guilty of “a serious breach of the safeguarding and welfare requirements”.

They said teachers “do not plan activities to develop learning”, and young children “still do not learn to speak, read or write in English”.

They said the children were “unable to show mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs,” that “younger pupils struggle to speak English” and that children adhere to a vision of women at home and in the kitchen. “Pupils universally consider that the role of women is to ‘look after children, clean the house and cook’, while men ‘go to work’.”