As London struggles with bringing its resistant yeshivas into the modern world, a similar battle goes on in Brooklyn, New York.  The Jewish Week has an article that indicates that not only are New York yeshivas resistant to providing proper secular education for students, but the DOE may not be taking their investigation very seriously either.

Mum’s still the word at City Hall, six months after the Department of Education vowed to probe charges of substandard secular education for boys at some Brooklyn yeshivas.

And advocates are getting increasingly frustrated.

“I don’t think the DOE is doing nothing. I just think they’re not taking it seriously,” said Naftuli Moster, who founded Young Advocates for Fair Education (Yaffed), which organized the 52 former yeshiva students, teachers and parents who filed the July 27 complaint. “I don’t think they’re grasping the magnitude of the issue.”

When asked this week for an update on the investigation, DOE spokesman Harry Hartfield offered no new information, saying, “Every child — no matter what school they attend — deserves a high-quality education. We treat these allegations with the utmost seriousness, and the investigation is ongoing.”

(hat tip: dh)