The Jewish Chronicle Online has a feature about the haredi-childrencontinuing inability of some haredi schools in London to meet their local educational requirements.  It also notes an unwillingness of school leaders to meet those requirements, and heavy censorship of school materials.  Children are frequently left with little or no English skills due to inadequate teaching or refusal to do so at all.  The three yeshivas cited in the article are: Talmud Torah D’Chasidei Gur, Talmud Torah Yetev Lev (Satmar), and Beis Aharon.

Yetev Lev, which is one of the largest Jewish schools in the area with 794 boys from three to 13 and is run by the Satmar Chasidic sect, gave “insufficient time” to secular subjects, inspectors said.

“Most lessons are taught in Yiddish. This continues to impede pupils’ progress in basic literacy skills and their ability to speak, read and write in English,” Ofsted stated. “Pupils’ numeracy skills are not developed effectively.”

Inspectors were told by the school’s leaders that they had “no intention of providing pupils with experiences to enable them to acquire an appreciation of and respect for differences between people, based on culture, religion, sex and sexual orientation”.

Pupils were not given sufficient opportunities to interact with others “outside of their close community”.

Inspectors also found reading books “where images of females had either been erased or radically changed. Leaders also refused to allow pupils to talk to the female inspectors on a formal basis.”