Here‘s an article from the Forward from 3 years ago about how Jewish day schools fail to accommodate children with disabilities.  The original opinion piece was “Jewish Day Schools’ Dirty Little Secret” by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

So here’s the dirty secret of the Jewish community. While Jews have been at the forefront of civil rights for African Americans, gays, women and immigrants, Jewish Day schools barely do more than “talk the talk” when it comes to including children with disabilities.

If you have a child with a disability who wants a Jewish education, it’s hard to get them accepted and supported. Many parents will find that if their kids are slightly outside the mold of the “cookie cutter kids” that are smoothly on their way to excellent universities and successful careers, that their child might, just might get accepted. If they are lucky, there will be some special support for them child in the early years of school. But if their child’s learning, physical or other differences become too inconvenient eventually they will be called to the school so they can “counsel out” your child.

I wonder if things have changed in the last three years.  Maybe not too much, but we can hope.  If anyone reading has some input or a news lead on that I would gladly post a follow-up.  I think parents of children with disabilities, in all walks of life not just Jewish life, need to know the challenges awaiting them when selecting a school.

Failed Messiah tried to cover this too.  In fact, that’s how I found it.  So I guess I have to give them a hat tip (hat tip: Diversified Holdings).  But really, they just tipped me off that there was such a story on the Internet.  I didn’t learn anything about it there.  Here is a screenshot of their coverage:


That’s it.

My guess is the title “Jewish Day Schools’ Dirty Little Secret” scared them away from covering it.  Alternatively, they may have belatedly realized the story was from February 2013, not February 2016, and didn’t think it was worth revisiting (I do).  Or, perhaps they just don’t know what the ‘publish’ button does yet.  Who knows for certain?  The truth is out there… the news, not so much.

By the way, when I said they would “whitewash the news” it was just hyperbole.  I didn’t really expect them to WHITEWASH the news.

Though in fairness, they did manage to get a few things posted that didn’t interest me at all.  Among them was this entirely useless public service announcement (PSA).


So, if you happen to be somewhere in the lower half of the state of Florida (on vacation – but not for any other reason) be sure to not rent your accommodations from the unnamed rental company.  They won’t give you a refund if you find bedbugs, which you should regard with care (they may bite you, or you may hurt them).  Fortunately even the bedbugs have their privacy protected at FM and only the names of the supporting images are shown.  Which is brilliant in the ultra-Orthodox publication industry because it eliminates the need for airbrushing.

Oy gevalt!