Israel Hayom reports on another riot against an IDF recruit by haredi Orthodox Jews.

Extremists on Saturday vandalized and smashedHaredi-riot the windows of a vehicle belonging to an ultra-Orthodox man serving in the IDF Military Rabbinate. Police forces arrived at the scene and used crowd control measures to disperse the crowd and stop the rioting.

Haredi men have, for years, evaded the mandatory military draft in Israel. In recent years, government efforts have been made to integrate the ultra-Orthodox into the military in various ways. However, many within the haredi community view this as an attack on their way of life and ostracize anyone from within the community who goes along with these efforts.

Last week, a mob of ultra-Orthodox rioters pelted a military police car with stones and flipped it over in Ashdod as military police officers tried to apprehend a draft evader in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood.