I’m not a frequent visitor of Daas Torah blog but I found this post while searching for further information about the buyout (and subsequent destruction) of Failed Messiah.  I find it interesting that so many people have something to say about a blog they would be hesitant to admit they read.

The post seems to be the work of a guest author with response from the blog owner.  Among the writers and commenters I find a lot with which to disagree.  Buy my biggest issue is with the blog owner himself who views Shmarya Rosenberg as a hater.

Scotty was primarily a hater – not a seeker of truth. The truth was used when it was helpful in expressing hate and contempt.

As I recall, Shmarya frequently alerted the public to missing persons in the haredi communities.  Those alerts reached a wide readership (one likely now experiencing a slow death and deteriorating daily).  The comment sections that so many described as ugly and full of venom often expressed hopes for positive outcomes to those missing person reports, and expressed feelings of sadness when the outcome was tragic.

I did a bit of digging into some of Failed Messiah’s (in Internet time, ancient) history.  February 2016 wasn’t the first time Failed Messiah was silenced by the destructive hands of the haredi Orthodox censorship machine.  His original blog was on the Blogspot servers and was apparently hacked in September or October of 2004 by rabid Chabad messianists who felt vandalism was a justifiable way of honoring their dead Rebbe.


Further (very minimal) digging revealed a post from that old blog with an URGENT call for a kidney donor needed for a Jew named Stuart Zimmer.  That appears to be anything but hatred for his fellow Jew:


Wow, such hatred.  Better shut that guy up.  — Nonsense!

Shmarya Rosenberg’s Failed Messiah won’t be easily forgotten.  Its niche can not be filled by haredi Orthodox buyout schemes foolishly designed to replace it with Jewish pollyannaism and articles designed to give us the kosher warm fuzzies.  Nor will the Jewish people stand by idly and let some haredi censor with a bag of money decide what we should see and what we should not share with each other.

The new owners may have had good intentions when they obliterated a news source that millions in the Jewish world went to read.  But this self-proclaimed “group of people dedicated to protecting the reputation of the Orthodox Jewish community” really do the Jewish people no favors by attempting to cover up the ills of the Jewish world in a manner similar to Chabad covering up their child sexual abuse problems.  It’s like trying to cover up skin cancer with a dab of face makeup.  If anything, we can credit the new owners for setting us up to fall victim to serious problems in the Jewish world by assuring that we remain uninformed about them.

Good intentions?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.