The BBC released a video report about an Orthodox Jewish group in Jerusalem called Lehava, who has taken upon themselves the task of preventing Jewish girls from speaking to Arab men.  Apparently they are are a kind of self-appointed ‘anti-shidduch’ service who roam the streets in groups looking for Arab men who dare to attempt to speak to a Jewish woman… and beat them.  They feel the police are remiss in preventing Arab men from communicating with a Jewish woman, which is not a crime.  So they have made it their business to act as pseudo-police to prevent such interaction in the public square.

Though they claim to be a non-violent group, one Jewish man in the video tells the story of how he was mistaken as an Arab and attacked by this group until someone shouted “Stop!  He’s Jewish!”  Their group beatings are apparently reserved for Arab men only.

Another epic fail from the people who are supposed to be a ‘light unto the nations’.


Like most Orthodox extremists, they feel entirely justified in saving a woman from herself and from making her own decisions, while they act in a manner contrary to common human decency.  But I suppose when someone thinks they are God’s self-appointed spokesMEN, just about anything goes that won’t cost a ton of money or land them in jail.

Perhaps if they were a better example of the things that are great about Jewish culture, those Jewish women would be on the hunt for Jewish men.  But I feel they tend to lack the ability to be introspective (an ability most Orthodox and haredim appear to lack) to ask themselves why women might see their brand of Jewish extremism as repellent and look to another culture for a spouse or companion.

(hat tip: Shayna G)