Yerachmiel Lopin at Frum Follies has announced a new feature at his blog compiling news stories about child sexual abuse (CSA) in the Jewish world that are published on the web.  He writes:

One of my readers has stepped forward to help fill some of the gap arising from the sale of Failed Messiah. Among other things, the previous proprietor, Shmarya Rosenberg was an aggregator. He scoured the web and put up stories coming from other media, pasting most of the text and putting on headlines, prefaces and sometimes adding an observation or two.

Starting later today, and every weekend thereafter, the reader who prefers anonymity, will collate a listing of stories relating to child sex abuse in the orthodox world with links, and sometimes with brief excerpts.

His first roundup of stories can be found here:

Weekly CSA News Roundup- Feb. 1-7, 2016