I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my visitors for their support and encouragement after my banning from the FailedMessiah blog (no link).  You can find the story of my banning, due to the crime of expressing my opinions and my willingness to openly share information, in my first two posts.

It’s not a crime at this blog.  And I would like to ask readers to suggest other news sites and blogs that dare to focus on Jewish issues similar to those that were featured at the old site.  Relevant sites will be compiled into a list of resources that readers can search for stories affecting the Jewish world.

It’s my belief that reputations (including that of the Jewish world) are best preserved by regularly identifying problems, maintenance, and repair with definite and open action.  Not by hiding despicable and embarrassing behavior in a dark closet while arrogantly believing that one is ‘speaking to what Hashem wants’.  If Hashem stands for anything, it’s TRUTH.