This one terrified them.  They felt “harassed,” and that I  “push the envelope of decency.”

To the new FailedMessiah owners, this is what harassment and pushing the envelope of decency look like:


So, as one might guess, the only thing to do when something offends haredi sensibilities is to… send it down the memory hole.

And then, of course, they exercise their haredi version of free speech in response to a deleted comment (see screenshot below).  And this is what we can expect from the new haredi Übermenschen at


Later changed to:


Not very open about their edits, are they?  I wouldn’t expect better from barely literates who couldn’t even credit the news source for their first piece of plagiarism.  It wasn’t until commenters and another blog cited them for plagiarism that they decided to credit their source, CBS 4 Miami, for the material they stole.   THEFT, isn’t that a kind of Torah transgression?

But should we really expect a lot from so-called bloggers who can’t find the shift key to form capital letters, or that little ‘dot thing’ that one generally finds at the end of a sentence?

Anyway, it would appear that one Chafraud-Depravitch is now banned from the once great website.  Which isn’t such a great loss for yours truly considering its new incarnation – via purchase (and allegedly threats with legal action against the former owner) – is a new Internet version of a haredi dictatorship.

Sooner or later (likely sooner) the readership of FM will bail out as if they had found themselves at a clone of Yeshivaworld.  Lovers of free speech, or at least open discussion and open exchange of ideas, are not going to tolerate the BS tactics displayed by FM’s new handlers, like haredim trying to impose their manner of behavior upon the world while snuffing out the expressions of others.

Dear “Diversified Holdings”,   Up yours.

I intend to create a place on the Internet very similar to the one you tried to buy off and shut up.  And I’ll encourage others to do the same until all you have left is a very expensive echo chamber.   The next time you try to conceal the truth by buying and threatening it away, you may want to attempt a smoother transition since your not so tactful haredi approach tends to anger people a bit and therefore makes them louder.  But, I guess you missed that day in yeshiva.  See ya on the Internet.